Retailers are Utilizing Advanced Web Solutions to Engage Customers and Survive in a Post-Retail World

May 4, 2018 in Software

Online engagement when purchasing products is a key aspect that a web giant, such as Amazon, has set to perfection. Users feel like the cart is adapting to their needs and evolving as users explore the vast library of content available. Netflix is similar in its ability to organize and react to visitor needs and desires.

Amazon and Netflix represent the pinnacle of web interactivity and consumption. Books can be written about their abilities to draw users in, evolve the platform, and engage them in a visceral and real way. This type of engagement is not exclusive to the juggernauts of business. A small enterprise can adopt many of the same dynamics utilized in for a massive base of consumers.


Netflix and Amazon may have hundreds of millions of users each. But, the same principles of organization and engagement are in place whether there’s one million visitors or two visitors. SAP can adopt these masterful principles right out of the system, enhancing user engagement and encouraging an emotional connection with the versatility of the platform.

A Post-Retail Convergence

The system can build an interactive and supportive e-commerce platform, POS system, or mobile system. The solution can also stand as a fully-integrated retail management system. It can communicate with multiple stores, relaying the information to the platform so users can see it. This is useful for inventory and physical locations. Retailers can subsequently engage with their shoppers in new ways.

It’s the answer to a post-retail world. How can retailers bridge the gap between the web and the retail without falling under? The software can help ease these burdens.

Regardless of the final source, the answers are the same. Make the content easy to digest and find. Ultimately, make it engaging. Promote further digging or encouraging an atmosphere where users can remain loyal and be rewarded for it.

SAP Business One is designed to integrate with a present merchandise hierarchy in a fully up-to-date system. Users will see a vastly different world unfold in terms of capability. But, there are the same signature inclusions. Make people care. It’s the one unifying aspect tying all excellent business solutions together.